Saturday, December 10, 2011

So much fun with Granny

We LOVED having my mam here for the month of November. Since her two week visits always seemed to fly by, we decided to make this one 4 weeks long and we are sooo glad we did! The kids really enjoyed getting to know her. Even though we didn't do a whole lot of activities, we had fun just being together and the kids wore us out so much, all we wanted to do at night was chill with some apples and caramel dip :-)

Some things we did get to do were trick or treating at the zoo, carve pumpkins, go to the Passion Awards, go to the Women of Faith conference, see the opening of the Christmas trains at Union Station and lots of eating out :-) We also got to have some photos taken by Bethany Thompson so we have some really nice ones of Granny with the kids. So thankful for our time together :-)

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