Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Eóin!

I can't believe I am old enough to have a 5 year old already! When we prayed for a child, I could never have imagined a better answer to that prayer. Eóin is a joy and brings so much fun to our family.

He loves to be goofy and loves to laugh! He is a great big brother to Aidan and Molly and they love him so much! His new fascination is legos and I can't believe how good he is at following the directions. He made a 100 piece helicopter by himself this morning! Crazy :-)

He cannot wait to start school in the Fall - and I am dreading it! Can't imagine so much time without him in the house!

I put together a video of some of his firsts because I was feeling a little nostalgic :-) Apparently most of our other videos of him older than two were taken on phones and such because they are not on my computer but you get the drift and it would be hours long - lol. Also - here are his 'stats' for the year and his birthday minute pic comparisons.


1:40pm 2007
1:50pm 2008
 1:40pm 2009
 1:40pm 2010
 1:40pm 2011
 1:40pm 2012

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grandma h said...

What precious memories! He is such a special boy!!!