Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When Aidan Grows Up...

Always a hero of some sort, but even heroes need a nap sometimes.

The past few months, Aidan has been making a list of things he will do/be when he grows up. Here are a few of his goal this far:

1. Be Ironman (sometimes this changes to other super heroes but it's mostly Ironman)
2. Have a "mushtache"
3. Drink chocolate milk ALL the time
4. Also drink grape juice
5. "What else do grown ups drink? What does coffee taste like? (I tell him I think it's gross) I will probably like it and I will drink it all the time.
6. Live next door to Grandma
7. Not be married (if he does indeed have a "mushtache," this might not be so hard ;-) )
8. Have kids, but not my own - kids who don't already have Daddies.
9. Have 4 tvs
10. Have a Wii and play Mario on it - Eoin can come to his house to play because Eoin will only have one tv.

That's it for the moment. I'll add to the list as he does :-D

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