Saturday, May 03, 2014

Book Review: The Pelican Bride by Beth White

Genevieve Gaillain and her little sister, board the Pelican in France to be taken to a Colony in Louisiana, never to return. Both have pledged that they will help to spread the New World with pure French citizens by agreeing to marry the soldiers at the Fort there. Genevieve is excited to finally be able to practice her religion without fear of persecution, but when she arrives she discovers that she is not so free and at peace as she hopes.
When she finally finds someone with whom she feels she could make a life with, she realizes that settling down and living a quiet life with the man she loves will not come easy. There is unrest among the native americans around them, and on top of that, something does not feel quite right at the Fort - could there be a traitor among them?

Though I thought the time period and the story was pretty interesting, I will admit, it took me longer than with most books to make it through this one. So many French names made it difficult to read as there are a lot of characters with unfamiliar names so it took a while to really know who was who. The story was also a little slow moving at times, though it picked up quite a bit at the end. If you are interested in the time period, I would say give it a go, but it probably wouldn't be the first book I would recommend to someone.

Thank you to Revel Publishers for a free copy of this book to review.

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