Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day Quiz 2015

It's time for the yearly Father's Day quiz. By yearly I mean we have done this a couple of times before (2014 , 2011). It's fun to see how grown up the kids are by their answers. Eoin even sat down and typed up all his own answers (I was under strict instructions to not change any of his formatting). Aidan did half of his before he got tired of typing :-) Without further ado, here is this year's quiz:

My daddy is  
(E) 33 (A)33 (M)60

My daddy works 
(E) by helping people with their money. (A) to help people with there money (M)Give people money

My daddy loves 

(E) us (Me, Molly, and Aidan).(A)every one. (M) me

My dad likes to wear 

(E) a belt and jeans. (A)his work suit (M) his present - white t-shirt

My dad is SO strong, he could lift 
(E) me. (A) a giant piece of wood (M) A huge book

My dad likes to eat 

(E) his veggies. (A)pizza (M) tacos

If my dad had time he would 

(E) play MINECRAFT (XBOX 360 EDITION) with me. (A) play baseball with me (M) play baseball

He is smart because 

(E) has finished college. (A)he is very big and he learned a lot (M) he went to work

If I could give my dad anything, it would be

 (E) a fathers day card. (A) a show of the Lord of the Rings (M)glasses

His favorite color is 

(E) blue. (A) blue (M)he doesn't know (let's just write down black)

His favorite game is 
(E) his video games for daddies (a man). (A) Lord of the Rings and MInecraft, (M)Lord of the Rings

What is something daddy always says to you?
(E) Obey (A) Get in bed  (M) I love you and "Ugga Mugga" (Daniel Tiger Reference)

What makes Dad happy? (E) Surprises (A) Love (M) A present

What makes Dad sad? (E) ? (A) When somebody hurts his feelings (M) When his finger is hurt

We love you so much Jonathan Harrison! You are an amazing Dad and we are so thankful for you! Happy Father's Day! 

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