Sunday, January 31, 2016

Book Review: Thin Ice by Irene Hanon

Christy Reed has had a very hard year. First losing her parents in a car crash and then her sister to a house fire. Though she has held on to her faith, her life is only starting to feel normal again. That is, until a letter arrives addressed in  her dead sister's hand writing. The note inside claims that her sister is still alive, and though she is instructed not to include the authorities, Christy devises a way to contact the FBI without alerting the kidnapper.
Special Agent Lance McGreggor is assigned Christy's case and it seems the more he digs, the more questions surface. Way more questions than answers. Can they find answers to their questions before time runs out for Christy's sister and maybe even Christy herself?

So I have a love/hate relationship with Hannon's books. Well maybe not that strong, but I do always feel conflicted when I review her stories. I think she writes a good mystery and is able to keep the action going well. I really do not enjoy her romance writing part of the tale though. They all seem to follow the same formula. Strong woman needs help. Strong male immediately is attracted to her and she to him and they "try" to fight their feelings til the end of the case. It wouldn't bother me if they started to like each other toward the end of the book or something but especially at first, I wish it was more to do with the case than the romantic feelings. So I give the exciting, mysterious case part a thumbs up, and the romance part a thumbs down.

Thank you to Revell Publishers for a free copy of the this book to read and review.

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