Sunday, January 31, 2016

Book Review: Undaunted Hope by Jodi Hedlund

Tessa Taylor has made some pretty huge mistakes in her past, but she is still young and by moving away and becoming a teacher, she is hoping to put the past firmly behind her and embrace a future free from drama.
Tessa arrives in a mining town in Upper Michigan, ready to  make a difference in the lives of the families around her, but comes up against an obstacle right away - they were expecting a man. When the superintendent gives her permission to stay until spring, Tessa knows she will need to work extra hard to prove she can do just as well as a man.
She loves her students, and they begin to love her back, especially two children intent on seeing her become their new mother. But another man in town has also shown interest in Tessa and she is caught in the middle of a fight for her affections. To add to the drama she is trying to escape, it seems someone has been watching her movements. So much for a drama free move. As Spring draws near Tessa will find she has more than one fight on her hands.

This is the third book in the Beacons of Hope series. I have not read the first on but I did read the second so I knew the backstory to Tessa's life before she became a teacher. I think that it would be worth reading that before starting this one. Though I thought the previous book was ok, I really enjoyed this third story a lot. I read it in 4 hours - it was a fast moving plot with lots of points of interest. Romance, redemption, danger, and history of the life of mining towns. I would recommend this one to readers of historical fiction for sure!

Thank you to Bethany House Publishers for a free copy of this book to read and review.

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