Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Book Review: The Reluctant Duchess

Brice Myerston has had a hard year. Beginning with a dramatic situation trying to save his good friends from a madman, followed by the death of his father, leaving him the new Duke of Nottingham, he certainly does not need any more complications in his life. On top of his new duties, he has also agreed to take the fire eyes into his possession - two priceless jewels that many would kill for.
On a trip to Scotland with his family, he hopes to find a little respite from all the chaos. But when he meets, heiress, Rowena Kinnaird, he feels that voice of God telling him that she is someone in need of help.
Lady Rowena Kinnaird has been the victim of abuse all her life, but after enduring the worst possible kind of abuse, she is desperate to get away from her home before she is doomed to live a life of violence. But surely this flirtatious Duke is not the answer! How could she possibly trust someone with easy smiles, but seems to have secrets of his own. In fact, he may end up putting her in more danger than ever!

This is the second book in the Ladies of the Manor series. I had read the first book a while ago and after just looking at all the people involved in the story, I definitely felt the need to go back and give the first book another read. There is a lot of stuff you need to know from the first book that relates to this story, so definitely pick up that one first (The Lost Heiress).
Once you have finished the first book you will love this one. I love this time period and the story of someone learning to trust after the ultimate betrayal. There are lots of great page turning moments and nail biting parts too! Highly recommend - even better than the first one!

Thank you to Bethany House Publishers for a free copy of the this book to review.

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