Friday, January 11, 2008


Tonight, we decided to take Eóin to Fritz's Railroad Restaurant for dinner. The idea behind the restaurant is pretty cool. You order your food on a phone and then a train delivers it to you. (The food was not so great, unfortunately). We thought that if Eóin did not like it at least he would find it interesting. Well...he was not impressed! Every time the train came out, he balled!!! It was so funny - he looked horrified at first. It got better each time though and by the time he left he would just watch the train (my sharing my fries helped too). Here are some pics and video. We took them on our phone so the quality is not so good but still funny. It was not worth putting in the effort of making a slideshow so it's just a long post :-)

Train-driver daddy!

Train-driver Mammy (with some poofy hair!)
Train-driver Eóin (not too impressed!)

Daddy ordering our food

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The Litwillers said...

Welcome to parenthood. Just when you think you've found the coolest thing ever for the kids, they are bored to tears. And the most mundane activites become adventures they talk about forever.