Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Human Tsunami

I (Karen) have gladly handed bath time over to daddy for a few reasons.

1 - By the end of the day , my back is already broken from walking around with Eóin
2 - Daddy prefers bath time to clean the kitchen after dinner time
3 - Eóin loves spending time with daddy
4 - Anyone within a ten foot radius of the tub gets DRENCHED!

It's so cute to watch him splash around though, and at the end of bath time while the water is draining daddy lets Eóin try to "catch" the water. It is so funny!!!


The Litwillers said...

What a cutie!

Wait until you have TWO of them in there. More water ends up outside of the tub than in it by the end of bathtime. Rob and I don't even go into the room during the play part of bathtime. We just keep an eye on them from the bathroom.

David & Casey said...

He looks like he has soo much fun in there!