Friday, January 11, 2008

Last one of the trains

Wow - you really don't have a lot of room on these posts! Sorry - you have to go down to posts to get to the beginning of this saga!

Okay so to justify why I am laughing at my crying child, I really thought he would like it and it was just so funny that instead he was terrified of it :-) I did try to cuddle him though!


David & Casey said...

So he does cry?!? I didn't think he ever cried. :)

The Litwillers said...

It's okay to laugh! When Matthew was about 10 month old, he tried to run under a table at the science fair. Unfortunately, he misjudged the table height, smacked his head, and fell over. I died laughing (as I went over to pick him up.) All the moms at the fair were clucking their tongues at me saying, "It's not funny! Poor baby!" I'm just thinking, "Did you not just see the same thing I saw?" It was like something straight off of America's Funniest Home Videos!

Jon and Lacey said...

So funny! The same thing happened to me when I bought Taylor a train toy that I knew he would love - every time it made noise, he bawled! He wouldn't touch it :) Us moms have to find humor in these things or we'll snap ;)

Granny C. said...

Awh! My poor baby. It is funny though. His scared little face I just wanted to hug him.

You go to the coolest of places.

Granny C.