Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Here are a couple of videos and pics from yesterday. We had a busy morning with music practices for everyone so we waited for all the goodies until after dinner. Eóin did a really good job at trying to sing with the other kids this time. I know he is still a bit spacey, but usually he is so nervous he stands there with his tongue sticking out (his nervous/shy look). He was so proud of himself for singing along :-) Here are some vids for the grannies...

Then we came home and Eric and Christina came for dinner (although I forgot to get a pic of them), and then the kids got to go on their egg hunt. They were a lot more into it this year than previous ones so it was fun to watch them :-) It was a nice fun day as a family!

 Eóin was very patient and let Aidan find a few ;-)

On the hunt!

Eating the spoils (Aidan like sto shove as much as he can get in there!)

Happy Easter from the Harrisons!


Penni Litwiller said...

What a handsome family!!

Granny C. said...

Karen thanks for the videos. Eóin looked so cute. He is sooo nosey:-)