Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rainy Day Blessings

So I didn't post my thankful list yesterday, but I have a very good reason. In fact it is so good, it made it to my list!

1.  Jonathan gave me the night off last night to go to the mall and take a break. He took care of cleaning up after dinner and putting the kids to bed. Lovely!

2.  Free Farm Fun 
(even if we do spend most of the time at the playgrounds)

3. Cheesy Grins

4. Long Naps 
(He likes to be surrounded by blankets but not covered by them!)

5.  New Colors for Our Household!

6. Imaginations 
(E├│in is being a digger - his hand is his hook)

7.  Technology that makes even boring jobs funny!

I have been trying to write down 7 things to be thankful for at the end of each day and it has been very good for me. I just picked a few that I had pictures to match :-) I realize that none of these ones are very deep or insightful, but I have been finding that looking for joy in small things changes my attitude in big ways. 

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grandma h said...

great idea! Love the pictures.... and yay for pink!!