Monday, May 23, 2011

Cloudy Day Blessings

I didn't take any pics this week - so all my pics are from today :-)

Eóin was thankful for the clouds today. In fact this morning he looked outside this morning and said "Quick - lets go outside before the sun comes out!" Crazy child!

I am also very thankful for safety during the tornadoes that seem to be so bad all around us, but have jumped over our area each time so far.

And now the pictures.

Our Big Tree! 
I don't even feel like we live in a city :-)

Fun Outside

The Sandbox - hours of fun!

Indestructible Flowers 
(I cannot understand how they still bloom after my kids pick them and smoosh them every year)

This Picture has double thanks
1 - Drinking From a Big Boy Cup
2 - Washing Machines!!!! 
(I am NOT thankful daddy bought red kool-aid)


grandma h said...

beautiful pictures! love the red koolaid, at least it matched his shirt=)

Granny C. said...

Just love those blessings!