Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Sweet Boys

I just wanted to write down a few sweet things the boys have said/done lately before they got lost in my brain :-)

The other night, Jonathan was out for dinner so I fed the kids alone. When Aidan was finished, he cleared off the table and put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher without even being asked! It's his new favorite job - you are welcome future daughter in law :-)

Tonight, as I was getting Aidan ready for bed, he gave me a big hug and said "Mommy, you are my best, best friend!" Let me just say, if you are loved by Aidan, he will never let you forget it :-)

Eóin and Molly are such little buddies. She smiles and laugh whenever he walks into the room. Tonight, Eóin was in bed and i stopped by to check on him. He said, "Tonight I am thinking about Molly, because I just love her so much!" (He likes to plan what he is going to think about so he doesn't have bad dreams :-))

Here is a pic of the boys tonight. Daddy was at a friends wedding so we had pizza and cookies and a few games of Hi-Ho-Cheerio or as Aidan calls it "the apple game."

So thankful for their unique and special personalities!

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Granny C. said...

Oh I just love them! Can't wait for you to get here