Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Molly's New Trick

Molly turned 7 months old on Sunday. Her personality is out in full force now and it is so great! She loves to laugh and Eóin and Aidan and is such a smiley, happy baby. She is curious about everything now - especially what her brothers and playing. She rolls and scoots every direction but forward, but that doesn't stop her getting what she wants! She LOVES food! Pretty much every flavor - except maybe peas (like her daddy). She loves to feed herself teething crackers and she is always eyeing our food. She won't be long in eating table food I can tell! She also loves to sing and dance. She will bop up and down while we sing "singing" along - it's really just shouting, but she stops and starts when we do - so cute! Aidan says, "Molly is my favorite baby" and I think I agree with him :-)

Oh I forgot to post last month, so her stats from her 6 month checkup were 50% weight (15lbs 4oz), 60% height (26 inches) and 80% head :-)

Here is a video of her latest trick - clapping!

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Granny c. said...

She is just so clever…. love those big eyes!!!
Good job Molly :-)