Monday, April 15, 2013

Dear Children: A Dark Place

Dear Eoin, Aidan and Molly.

Yesterday, in church, Troy was talking about growing spiritually and at one point used a butterfly as an example of how you can still be the same person and yet completely transformed by the Holy Spirit's power. He said that a caterpillar and a butterfly (the same one) have the exact same DNA but look how different they are! One a gross, squirmy thing, and the other a beautiful creature - who can fly which is extra cool :-)

I started to think about what that caterpillar has to do to be changed into a butterfly. He doesn't just crawl along until one day "ta-da" he is a butterfly. No - that caterpillar has to enter his cocoon, all by himself, wrapped up tightly, in a dark place. It's while he is in that place where nobody else can see him that the transformation takes place. No one else can touch him or help him. The only person who sees what's going on in there is his creator. God know exactly what is happening in there and the amazing results that will come out of it.

Some day, there will come a time when you will enter a dark place. I think everyone does. Some day, you will have a problem and you may feel all alone, like no one else can help you - not even Mommy. It may seem like a dark place of isolation. I dread the day I can't help you with your problems, but I know that day will come. My job now, is to teach you that there is only one person who can truly see you at all times and help you through any problem - God. My job is to show you that when the dark place comes, that God can see you there even when no one else can.

When you find yourself in a dark place, know that He can see you and He knows the changes this place can bring. Instead of despairing, dream of what color your wings will be! 

Psalm 94:19 "When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul"

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