Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Quiz

Two years ago, I posted some answers about Jonathan that Eoin answered (here), so this year I thought I would re-ask the same questions to all the kids to see what they would say :-)

My daddy is (M) 1, (A) 20, (E) 23 years old.

My daddy works (M) at work - doing computer, (A) at work - playing video games, (E) at work - he does work and helps people.

My daddy loves (M) me, (A) babies, (E) the dog, Flynn

My dad likes to wear (M) a t-shirt, (A) t-shirt, (E) Jeans

My dad us SO strong, he could lift (M) me, (A) a baby, (E) a giant branch

My dad likes to eat (M) fries, (A) piggies (I mean ham), (E) eggs and toast

If my dad had time he would (M) pick out monies, (A) work on the ipad, (E) color with us.

He is smart because (M) he helps Eoin, (E) he is really smart at answering number problems

If I could give my dad anything, it would be (M) a present - a t-shirt, (A) present - pizza, (E) a picture of anything that would make him happy.

Happy Father's Day, Jonathan. We think you are pretty great! 

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