Thursday, September 11, 2014

Book Review: Nowhere to Turn by Lynette Eason

Danielle Harding has had enough of her abusive husband, and now that he is going out of town, she decided to use this opening to finally get away. As fate would have it, though, Kurt Harding dies on the same day she leaves.
Dani is so relieved that she and her son are finally safe from the threat of her husband, but she soon realizes that her husband left behind more trouble than when he was alive. Somebody wants something that her husband took and will stop at nothing to find it. The danger to her and her son has gotten so much worse.
At her wits end, Dani hires Operation Refuge to keep her safe, but even the team are finding it hard to find somewhere to hide.

Book 2 in the Hidden Identity series, Lynette Eason keeps the pages turning with another great thriller. It has plenty of good twists and turns in the plot. I like when I think I know what's going on and then am pleasantly surprised that I don't! There are characters from the first book in the series, but I think you could read this book alone and not feel like you were missing out on huge gaps in the story line. I would recommend it to mystery lovers and those who enjoy Eason's work.

Thank you to Revell Publishers for a free copy of this book to review.

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