Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Book Review: Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin

Mary Stirling works at the Boston Navy Yard and excels at her work. With an eye for detail she keeps things running ship-shape. But the last thing she wants is credit. She is happy to hide in the shadows and find contentment in a job well done instead of public accolade.
Ensign Jim Avery escorts convoys from Britain across the Atlantic and is both surprised and thrilled to meet Mary, an old school friend, at the Navy Yard so she could show him and his friends around the area. She is the perfect companion because she is quiet and brunette and he prefers bubbly blondes so there is no chance of a romantic connection with war looming on the horizon.

When evidence of sabotage is uncovered on the ship Jim is stationed on, Mary and Jim work together to discover who is behind the events before someone is killed, or worse, pushes America into a war they are not ready to join.

I always enjoy a good mystery where I can't figure out who the bad guy is right away or see what is coming before it happens and this was a good one.  With plenty of suspects and misdirection, it kept me guessing for quite a while! The romance was a bit "Sleepless in Seattle" (you know where they keep missing each other), but still pretty good. If you are a fan of war time fiction and romance, I'd recommend this one for you (and all of Sundin's books actually).

Thank you to Revell Publishers for a free copy of this book to read and review.

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