Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Being Little

While Aidan usually enjoys the status of big brother and growing up, yesterday he managed to use the small card for getting out of work - I just wanted to record the funniness of his little self :-)

We have a pre-school workbook that we pull out whenever he is in the mood. I'm not pushing it with him because he is a kid and he'll have enough of all the stuff when he gets to school, but I'm all for learning letters and numbers when he is up to it. Anyway, he was supposed to draw a line from one letter to another, but instead he just wanted to color them. I said we should try to follow the instructions and he says "I'm just a kid, mom. I think I should just color it."

Later that day, I told him it was time to clean up the toys he was playing with. He'd made quite a mess so it was a daunting task. He looks a me and says, "you know I'm only three - I think you should probably do it." Fat chance little man :-)

I love his funny little personality develop (even though it doesn't get him out of cleaning up his toys!)

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