Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Eóin turns 4!

Am I really old enough to have a  4 year old? So crazy! So every year, I have taken a picture on the minute that Eóin was born - this year he was stinker and wouldn't let me get a good pic. He pretended to be asleep first and then made goofy faces! The last one was the best I could do :) Well - shows his personality I guess!  I am posting it so late because we were struck down with the flu actually on his birthday and it's taken a while to re-coop! More to come to Eóin in a later post - he's been saying some funny stuff lately - I'll put it in it's own post :-)

2/15/07 1:40pm

2/15/08 1:50 pm (I forgot that day)

2/15/09 1:40pm 

2/15/10 1:40pm

2/15/11 1:40 pm

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grandma H said...

he certainly is a character!! Just love this kid :) He keeps life interesting!!