Sunday, March 06, 2011

Fashion Police

Conversations with Eóin this morning:

Eóin: This shirt looks like a daddy shirt (It was a striped button down shirt)
Me: Yes buddy it does look like daddy's shirts
Eóin: But what if the children think I look silly...

I guess now he's decided he cares what others think about his clothes!

Later that morning I was looking for something to wear and pulled out a maternity shirt.
Eóin: Not that one Mommy, it looks like jammies

Oh ok. I did actually pick something else to wear and when I came out in a different outfit, he looked me over for a bit and then says "nice clothes Mommy"

Wow - I'm in trouble when he gets a bit older!


Anonymous said...

"Blog surfing" and ran across your blog. My children are all my "fashion police" too so I'm glad other moms experience it too :) Thanks, Jackie

James & Aisling said...


Dandelion's Cottage said...

That is really funny! :)

Dandelion's Cottage said...

That is really funny! :)