Thursday, March 03, 2011


Lately Eóin has been teaching me some lessons on being a boy. Apparently, I must only make him do things he doesn't want to do because I don't understand boys. If I was a boy, I would certainly never ask him to get dressed in the morning because "Mommy, sometimes boys just like to wear pajamas - they don't want to get dressed." Ohhhh - I have been so blind all this time :-)

Here are some other "sometimes" quotes. It also includes some lessons on babies which I must not know too much about either.

"Sometimes, boys like to just watch tv and not clean up their toys"

"Sometimes, boys don't want to go to bed"

"Sometimes, babies aren't very good at praying" (after it was Aidan's turn to pray for dinner)

"Sometimes, boys like to eat lots of treats. It makes them big and strong."

"Sometimes, babies don't like obeying"

I need to start writing them down when he says them, because there are some hilarious ones that I forget when I finally sit down to write about it.

Today, the kids were eating the last of the cookies as Jonathan came home from work. When Jonathan pretended to be sad, Eóin offered him a bite of his cookies "just not the chocolate parts" :-)

Right now, he is outside with Aidan teaching him about writing letters with chalk on the ground and playing with "yucky dirt." Love that kid :-)


Anonymous said...

Granny C.

Ya gotta love that kid:-)

Penni Litwiller said...

So cute!!

James & Aisling said...

cute :)